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Job Opportunity! Associate Consultant

We have a fantastic opportunity for you to become a consultant for Connection Point Technology. We are an award winning Oracle Gold Partner, and want you to be responsible for helping our clients around the UK.

If you have a passion for the use of technology within business, are keen to learn new stuff, and want to take on more and more responsibility, (and you like travelling), then read on ...

You'll help local authorities to enjoy the benefits of cloud computing, so you'll be using the latest, best-of-breed, cloud technology in a vibrant and agile setting where you are responsible for configuring it to the client's needs, so that citizens have better access to local authority services.

You need initiative, and you won't be a just a small cog in a huge machine.


What does the role involve?


You'll forge a working relationship with the client, so you can really get to grips with their requirement, and determine the best configuration options to "make it happen". You'll configure the Oracle Software, thoroughly test it, (within our quality framework), and help the  client understand exactly how to use the functionality, by training them, and writing user documentation.

You'll be working with other members of the team, to get advice on challenging technical stuff, and share ideas about how to make each project easier then the last, and you'll need to help them get up to speed with your projects by documenting the technical aspects.

You'll need to "own" any issues that arise, and manage the clients sentiment by communicating swiftly and honestly, and (with the help of colleagues), get issues resolved vigorous.


Your Journey ...

When you join, we'll train you up in the basics of the Oracle technology, so you can start contributing to client projects as soon as possible, and you'll keep developing your technical skills. We'll support you with on-going training, to you achieve industry-recognised certification.

In due course, when your technical knowledge has grown, you'll  also help our sales people by giving best advice on the "art of the possible".

You'll also develop your analytical, decision making, and communication skills,  This development path will give you confidence to handle more complex client requirements, take on larger projects and, in time, we want to promote you to become a lead consultant, with more responsibility, and more benefits.


You ...

You'll need a genuine passion for technology in a business context, and you'll need to enjoy the variety of travelling to fulfil your project responsibilities. You'll need to be a good communicator, have a "Can-Do" attitude, and a hunger to learn.
Ideally, you'll probably have a numerate degree, but it's not essential, as long as the paragraph above describes you!