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Cloud Integration Discovery Workshop

The Connection Point Technology Cloud Integration Discovery Workshop is designed to help you analyse the potential benefits, costs and savings involved in deploying cloud based integration, based on real-life experience of the benefits, costs and challenges involved.

This workshop will help clients obtain a high level view describing how cloud integration can connect, mediate, orchestrate and manage interactions between application integration consumers and providers. The workshop can focus on business, technical or a combined view of the factors to consider in determining which applications integrate and how best to do so in each case.

The workshops typically involve stakeholders from all relevant parts of the business and can be customised to specific requirements and challenges. They can be delivered as a seminar or as an interactive participative workshop and can be delivered as one day event or as part of a longer education and support  programme. The output can also include a modelled integration options summary, showing the anticipated benefits, savings and costs of a cloud integration program.

Connection Point Technology Ltd is an Oracle Gold Partner that provides a range of cost effective planning, design and implementation services.  We particularly focus on the UK Local Government sector and have completed successful projects with Slough Borough Council, Calderdale Metropolitan Borough Council and related organisations such as Efficiency and Improvement South East, Assist South East and Unisys.