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CP Bookings

Provide your customers with painless interaction when making bookings, scheduling activity or fixing appointments with your company.

CP-Bookings sits right in the cloud and dovetails seamlessly into your business process giving your customers complete control and an easy, intuitive interface whenever they need to book any activity requiring a scheduled time and date.

Auto-managed response and handling keeps your input to an absolute minimum freeing up valuable management time for your staff. The status of all activity can be viewed in real time to give you total control over thCustomer Servicee customer management process.

If you need to take payments for a booking, CP-Bookings is configured to integrate easily with your payment engine.

If delivering a first-class customer experience is a priority for you then you’ve come to the right place.

The bookings system works right within the Service Cloud so you dont need to worry about the update and maintenance of a separate system.  You can make it available to your internal fulfilment staff as well as contact centre agents and, of course, your customers.

It really is as quick and simple as that, so why not try it out.  Contact us here.