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LLPG Interface

If you need to process street or property data it is very likely that the National Land and Property Gazetteer or your own Local Land and Property Gazetteer is a key source of data.

If you receive data as update files (so called COU format update files) then you can use our interface for updating your systems.

Out-of-the box our interface works with:

  • Oracle Fusion CRM
  • Oracle RightNow
  • Oracle CRM On Demand
  • Oracle Siebel CRM

If you use any of these systems then you can use our interface immediately.

Our LLPG Interface:

  • Processes DTF 7.1 update files in both Version 1 and Version 3.1
  • Allows for addressable and non-addressable properties
  • Handles padded UPRNs if required

Please contact us if you have a need to use these standardised address types in your applications.

If you use other systems outside the Oracle family of CRM systems that need to use  LLPG/NLPG data then you can still make use of our interface but there may be some additional processing steps on some files.  Drop us an email and we will see how we can help.